Declare Independence

Cut the digital umbilical cord to cloud providers

move to decentralized, local-first, peer-to-peer applications

Peer-To-Peer, Local-First, Conflict Free Replicated Data Types

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For as long as we've been using computers, we've attempted to replicate our physical world through them. The evolution from replicating reality into virtuality has scarcely missed any aspect of our societies. This journey was extraordinarily enlightening and remarkably engaging. At the same time, we've created the discomfort and dangers of being dependent on centralized cloud service providers and tech giants.

With peer-to-peer and local-first technology, we are now able to cut the cord that has tethered us until now—the umbilical cord to "Mother Cloud," which has nourished us and upon which we've depended. Once this cord is cut, we can operate independently and freely.

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